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January 11, 2013

Lucky Wedding Dates for 2013

The Chinese and Filipinos alike believe in special dates that will bring luck to the marriage. A lucky wedding date will bring happiness, love, harmony and wealth to the married couple whereas an unlucky or inauspicious wedding date will lead to an unhappy married life.

How to Choose a Lucky Wedding Date
1 Usually a one-year engagement is enough to plan a whole wedding. So one of the first considerations is the time frame you'd have for wedding preparations. If you choose a lucky wedding date, make sure that you'd still have enough time to plan out your dream wedding. After you've decided on a month for the wedding, you can proceed to the next step.

2 Before you can know if a wedding date is lucky for you and your fiance, you'd have to know your Chinese zodiac sign. There are wedding dates that are lucky to some signs but unlucky to yours. Go ahead and research your Chinese zodiac before you proceed to the next step.

3 If you want to be serious about learning how to choose a lucky wedding date, you should buy a 2013 Chinese calendar. There are Chinese words in the calendar related to wedding events that you can try to decipher.

嫁娶 - Wedding day
结婚纳彩/采 - Betrothal
安床 - Install bridal bed
Auspicious rating:
宜(yi) – good for
忌(ji) – bad for / to avoid
吉(ji) – auspicious timing
中(zhong)- neutral timing
凶(xiong)- fierce/ bad timing

If you're not up for this kind of hardwork, below is a list of generally good wedding dates for 2013 Year of the Snake. Beside the date is the animal sign that goes against that date so be sure you know your sign first.

January, 2013
01/03 (Lunar 11/22) Thur. – against Pig
01/06 (Lunar 11/25) Sun. – against Tiger
01/08 (Lunar 11/27) Tue. – against Dragon
01/09 (Lunar 11/28) Wed. – against Snake
01/13 (Lunar 12/02) Sun. – against Rooster
01/15 (Lunar 12/04) Tue – against Pig
01/16 (Lunar 12/05) Wed – against Rat
01/18 (Lunar 12/07) Fri. – against Tiger
01/25 (Lunar 12/14) Fri. – against Rooster
01/27 (Lunar 12/16) Sun. – against Pig
01/28 (Lunar 12/17) Mon – against Rat
01/30 (Lunar 12/19) Wed – against Tiger

February, 2013
02/06 (Lunar 12/26) Wed. – against Rooster
02/07 (Lunar 12/27) Thur. – against Dog
02/10 (Lunar 01/01) Sun. – against Ox
02/15 (Lunar 01/06) Fri. – against Horse
02/19 (Lunar 01/10) Tue. – against Dog
02/22 (Lunar 01/13) Fri. – against Ox
02/27 (Lunar 02/18) Wed. – against Horse

March, 2013
03/02 (Lunar 01/21) Sat. – against Rooster
03/05 (Lunar 01/24) Tue. – against Rat
03/06 (Lunar 01/25) Wed. – against Ox
03/09 (Lunar 01/28) Sat. – against Dragon
03/11 (Lunar 01/30) Mon. – against Horse
03/14 (Lunar 02/03) Thur. – against Rooster
03/17 (Lunar 02/06) Sun. – against Rat
03/19 (Lunar 02/08) Tue. – against Tiger
03/21 (Lunar 02/10) Thur. – against Dragon
03/23 (Lunar 02/12) Sat. – against Horse
03/24 (Lunar 02/13) Sun. – against Sheep
03/26 (Lunar 02/15) Tue. – against Rooster
03/29 (Lunar 02/18) Fri. – against Rat
03/30 (Lunar 02/19) Sat. – against Ox
03/31 (Lunar 02/20) Sun. – against Tiger

April, 2013
04/06 (Lunar 02/26) Sat. – against Monkey
04/07 (Lunar 02/27) Sun. – against Rooster
04/10 (Lunar 03/01) Wed. – against Rat
04/18 (Lunar 03/09) Thur. – against Monkey
04/22 (Lunar 03/13) Mon. – against Rat
04/30 (Lunar 03/21) Tue. – against Monkey

May, 2013
05/03 (Lunar 03/24) Fri. – against Pig
05/04 (Lunar 03/25) Sat. – against Rat
05/13 (Lunar 04/04) Mon. – against Rooster
05/14 (Lunar 04/05) Tue. – against Dog
05/22 (Lunar 04/13) Wed. – against Horse
05/26 (Lunar 04/17) Sun. – against Dog
05/28 (Lunar 04/19) Tue. – against Rat
05/30 (Lunar 04/21) Thur. – against Tiger

June, 2013
06/01 (Lunar 04/23) Sat. – against Dragon
06/03 (Lunar 04/25) Mon. – against Horse
06/07 (Lunar 04/29) Fri. – against Dog
06/08 (Lunar 04/30) Sat. – against Pig
06/10 (Lunar 05/02) Mon. – against Ox
06/22 (Lunar 05/14) Sat. – against Ox
06/23 (Lunar 05/15) Sun. – against Tiger
06/24 (Lunar 05/16) Mon. – against Rabbit
06/25 (Lunar 05/17) Tue. – against Dragon

July, 2013
07/01 (Lunar 05/23) Mon. – against Dod
07/02 (Lunar 05/24) Tue. – against Pig
07/04 (Lunar 05/26) Thur. – against Ox
07/07 (Lunar 05/29) Sun. – against Dragon
07/11 (Lunar 06/04) Thur. – against Monkey
07/18 (Lunar 06/11) Thur. – against Rabbit
07/23 (Lunar 06/16) Tue. – against Monkey
07/24 (Lunar 06/17) Wed. – against Rooster
07/26 (Lunar 06/19) Fri. – against Pig
07/28 (Lunar 06/21) Sun. – against Ox
07/30 (Lunar 06/23) Tue. – against Rabbit
07/31 (Lunar 06/24) Wed. – against Dragon

August, 2013
08/04 (Lunar 06/28) Sun. – against Monkey
08/05 (Lunar 06/29) Mon. – against Rooster
08/06 (Lunar 06/30) Tue. – against Dog
08/07 (Lunar 07/01) Wed. – against Pig
08/08 (Lunar 07/02) Thur. – against Rat
08/09 (Lunar 07/03) Fri. – against Ox
08/18 (Lunar 07/12) Sun. – against Dog
08/20 (Lunar 07/14) Tue. – against Rat
08/26 (Lunar 07/20) Mon. – against Horse
08/29 (Lunar 07/23) Thur. – against Rooster
08/31 (Lunar 07/25) Sat. – against Pig

September, 2013
09/01 (Lunar 07/26) Sun. – against Rat
09/03 (Lunar 07/28) Tue. – against Tiger
09/05 (Lunar 08/01) Thur. – against Dragon
09/07 (Lunar 08/03) Sat. – against Horse
09/13 (Lunar 08/09) Fri. – against Rat
09/15 (Lunar 08/11) Sun. – against Tiger
09/17 (Lunar 08/13) Tue. – against Dragon
09/23 (Lunar 08/19) Mon. – against Dog
09/25 (Lunar 08/21) Wed. – against Rat
09/27 (Lunar 08/23) Fri. – against Tiger
09/29 (Lunar 08/25) Sun. – against Dragon

October, 2013
10/05 (Lunar 09/01) Sat. – against Dog
10/06 (Lunar 09/02) Sun. – against Pig
10/11 (Lunar 09/07) Fri. – against Dragon
10/18 (Lunar 09/14) Fri. – against Pig
10/19 (Lunar 09/15) Sat. – against Rat
10/20 (Lunar 09/16) Sun. – against Ox
10/21 (Lunar 09/17) Mon. – against Tiger
10/22 (Lunar 09/18) Tue. – against Ribbit
10/28 (Lunar 09/24) Mon. – against Rooster
10/31 (Lunar 09/27) Thur. – against Rat

November, 2013
11/02 (Lunar 09/29) Sat. – against Tiger
11/03 (Lunar 10/01) Sun. – against Rabbit
11/12 (Lunar 10/10) Tue. – against Rat
11/18 (Lunar 10/16) Mon. – against Horse
11/20 (Lunar 10/18) Wed. – against Monkey
11/21 (Lunar 10/19) Thur. – against Rooster
11/24 (Lunar 10/22) Sun. – against Rat
11/27 (Lunar 10/25) Wed. – against Rabbit
11/28 (Lunar 10/26) Thur. – against Dragon
11/30 (Lunar 10/28) Sat. – against Horse

December, 2013
12/03 (Lunar 11/01) Tue. – against Rooster
12/04 (Lunar 11/02) Wed. – against Dog
12/13 (Lunar 11/11) Fri. – against Sheep
12/25 (Lunar 11/23) Wed. – against Sheep
12/29 (Lunar 11/27) Sun. – against Pig

That's it and we hope you have the most beautiful wedding day and the happiest marriage!
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November 30, 2012

Nice Print Photography is now in SM Megamall!

Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings is now bringing their services closer to the people with their new branch in SM Megamall, 5th Level Building B!

Despite its booming success in the Philippine wedding photography and videography industry, Nice Print Photography is still on a roll in providing their clients the best service in the most convenient way possible.

Nice Print Photography in SM Megamall, 5th Floor Building B
Newly Opened Nice Print Photography Branch in SM Megamall
The concept behind the new photo studio was driven by Nice Print's love for its past, present and future clients. 

Past clients, like newlyweds, preggies and the new mummies and daddies can now go to their favorite photography studio for a documentation of the new chapters in their lives. They offer maternity shoots, infant shoots and studio shoots for your child's every milestone.

Infant Shoot by Nice Print Photography
Infant Shoot by Nice Print Photography
Present clients, like debutantes and soon-to-weds, can visit, reserve or book Nice Print after a lunch date or before grocery shopping.

Future clients, like newly engaged couples, can visit their store to see Nice Print's work, packages and exemplary services. Sit by their lounge area and entertain yourself with their wedding videos and photo albums.

Walk-in Clients at Nice Print Photography Studio - SM Megamall
Walk-in Clients at Nice Print Photography Studio - SM Megamall
And the best part of being located in a mall? You can drop in anytime you want as long as the mall is open. That's right. There's no need to schedule a photographer or to look for a venue for your shoot. They have costumes and props for basic studio pictures, maternity shoots, infant shoots and baby portraits. You can also choose from seven backdrops available.

If you loved Nice Print's work on your wedding day, you can now keep coming back for more... like you do with your suking tindahan. You are all set to a lifelong relationship with the photography studio you've come to love and trust throughout the most important moments of your life.

Visit Nice Print in today or better yet, visit their store and tell us what you think!

November 14, 2012

Dream Wedding Come True

They say girls plan their wedding as early as seven years old. There's that picture of the dream guy, the perfect wedding dress, the dainty bouquet, the teary-eyed parents and the beautiful ceremony and reception. With today's vibrant Philippine wedding industry, dream weddings can easily come true. 

Here are some Philippine wedding suppliers to help you make your dreams come alive on your wedding day.

Wedding Photography by BlackTieProject
Black Tie Project
Regardless of being fairly new among wedding suppliers, Black Tie Project has proven that their talent and knowledge is way beyond their years. With couples saying no to traditional weddings and saying yes to new things, the ultimate challenge for every couple is to come up with something new, something different and something hip. Fortunately, the team behind Black Tie Project is the perfect bunch to help with just that.

Wedding Photography by Daniel Lei Studio
Daniel Lei Studio
Daniel Lei Studio or DLS is owned and managed by husband and wife team Joannie and Daniel since 2007. With extensive experience with advertising and cinematography, DLS‘ imagery and wedding films has been very popular with couples wanting to do more. DLS‘ concept-driven style when it comes to story-based videos and fine photography gives couples more room for creativity.

Hair and Makeup by Indigo Strokes
Indigo Strokes
Beauty queen, entrepreneur, fashion blogger and now make-up artist, Jan Nicole Puentevella-Uy is now sharing her talent with brides and grooms for their wedding day through Indigo Strokes and Alexa's Salon Therapeutiqe, Hair and Make Up artist in Bacolod City.

Indigo strokes is composed of professionaly trained makeup artists who are ready to render service using trusted and unformidable brands such as MUD, Kryolan, Ben Nye, Urban Decay, MAC, and Temptu.

Events by Samera Events Service

Samera Events Services
With a Diploma in Events Management in DLS-CSB and a heart for making ordinary events grand, Sam Era decided to put up a one stop wedding shop of everything you need to organize events that will never be forgotten. Backed by a team of passionate organizers, Samera Events Service will make sure that every event is memorable, affordable and hassle-free.

Weddings by Bez I Do

BEZ is a full-service event planning and design production firm, manages and designs a variety of social, corporate and non-profit events. In a very short period of time, the company's fresh approach and innovative thinking have made it one of the most sought-after planning and design companies in the Philippines.

Wedding Photography by Digiteyes Photography
Digiteyes Photography
Headed by tandem Dhynn and Bheng, Digiteyes Photography's ultimate goal is to serve their clients by providing excellent wedding coverage that incorporates a creative blend of artistic expression and style. There's no need to worry with Digiteyes Photography. “We give our best not because we need to impress people..We give our best because that’s the only way we enjoy our work...”

Monina E Events and Marketing
As premier Wedding and Event Planners, MONINA E prides itself in delivering services that are way beyond what usual event planners provide. Each bespoke wedding is uniquely created with the vision of imparting a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will fascinate the couple and their guests. The caliber of each celebration they create is worthy of opulent publicity and lifetime nostalgia. 

Restaurant Reception in La Union Halo Halo de Iloko Balay
Halo Halo de Iloko Balay
Located in La Union, Halo Halo de Iloko Balay aims to bring pride to the province by embodying the essence of being an Ilocano by maintaing the tradition of quality family dining. As soon as customers step in to the restaurant, they will be greeted by the genuine warmth of a home with subtle music and friendly courteous staff. If you want a wedding reception that will remind you of home, choose Halo Halo de Iloko Balay. 

Wedding Photography by Blufish Photography
Blufish Photography
Blufish Photography and its team of young professional photographers aim high to capture and immortalize every candid moment on your wedding day. One could definitely feel the magic and chemistry that captures the heart as you look through their stunning shots. Founded only on January 2011, Blufish since then strives not only to be the best, but also make a mark in the photography industry by letting their photos tell a story.

Weddings by Yet
Weddings by Yet started in 2008 when Yet Casibual decided to put her style and taste to good use in the Iloilo wedding industry. She offers wedding planning (semi and full), wedding coordination and on-the-day coordination services for soon-to-wed couples. If you want an Iloilo dream wedding but overwhelmed with wedding planning, Yet Casibual can be your wedding fairy godmother.

Need more wedding suppliers for your dream wedding? Visit the Supplier Directory, join Bridal Fairs, or  LIKE us on Facebook!

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