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June 11, 2012

Piña In Modern Filipino Weddings

Piña Barong by Piñaflor
No fabric is probably more uniquely Filipino than piña. It is a testament to our colorful history and is one of the finest products of Filipino craftsmanship. Painstakingly handwoven from the pineapple fiber, the piña fabric is identified with traditional formals and is the deluxe choice for Filipiniana wedding gowns and barongs. In this age of themed weddings and modern celebrations, however, can the piña fabric still be relevant?

, a Lumban-based wedding shop specializing in piña fabrics and embroidery, tells us how.

June 4, 2012

Juan Carlo, The Caterer's Secret Wedding Ingredients

If there is anyone who has perfected the notion of professionalism in the Philippine Wedding Industry, it is Engineer Alex Michael del Rosario, owner and manager of Juan Carlo, The Caterer. According to Engr. Alex, the success of Juan Carlo, The Caterer is due to his belief on the importance of three aspects of the catering business – food, service and presentation. Juan Carlo makes it a point for its clients and their guests to experience quality food, quality services, and quality presentation all with equal importance.

June 1, 2012

The Perfect June Wedding

Bal and Flor Wedding
Photography by:
Paloma Photography
June has been traditionally believed as the most popular month for weddings.

The history of weddings being celebrated on June started as far back as the Roman times when the people believed in the Roman gods and goddesses. The people then celebrated Juno, wife of Jupiter and the goddess of marriage and childbirth, and believed she would bring fortune and happiness to those who will be married on her month. More importantly in countries located far above the equator, June also signified the start of warm season. Getting married during those time would mean that children conceived by these unions would be born on the next spring. The probability of life would be greater for the baby.

In the Philippines, June would be the end of the summer season where the weather will not be too hot as it welcomes the season of rains. While you can opt for an outdoor wedding  like a garden venue for your reception, be wary of the weather. Rain may come and it is best that you provide tents to avoid getting wet. Flowers abundant during this month are lilies, daisies, carnations and roses. Popular colors are yellow, green, pink and lilac.
Be aware also that the weather may turn cool so it is best to have fashionable wraps for the bride and her bridesmaids. More importantly, wear something you're comfortable with. Serve a wedding buffet that offers hot and cold items. Don't forget to incorporate seasonal fruits and cool wedding cocktails.

To perfectly execute your dream June wedding, you can ask wedding professionals to help you out. Here's a list of the newest members of's family of wedding suppliers:

The Philippine's Korean-style One-Stop Indoor Wedding Studio, Studio Namu, boasts 15 different rooms with more than 50 settings for couples to choose from.
Wedding Supplier: Studio Namu
Category: Wedding Photographer in Metro Manila
See Studio Namu's wedding photo gallery>>

F. Topico Mayuga Photography is one of Metro Manila's promising wedding photographer. With office located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, F. Topico Mayuga Photography provides wedding photo services for every couple for their most special day, their wedding day.
Wedding Supplier: F. Topico Mayuga Photography
Category: Wedding Photographer in Metro Manila
See F. Topico Mayuga's wedding photo gallery>>
Diana Santos is a Manila-based bridal makeup artist specializing in weddings, media, print and fashion. She offers a pleasant and specialized service tailored to your unique skin tone and complexion to have you looking your best.
Wedding Supplier: Diana Santos
Category: Bridal Hair and Makeup Services in Metro Manila
Ellen Pua, a full-fledged wedding host and singer,  providing clients with English and Chinese hosting and singing services, offering her clients with customized programs and conceptualization that focus on and highlight momentous memories.
Wedding Supplier: Ellen Pua
Category: Wedding Host in Metro Manila
Erwin Leyros and his team capture real, heartfelt wedding moments. They offer eccentric, avant-garde styles and portraiture.
Wedding Supplier: Erwin Leyros Photography
Category: Wedding Photographer in Metro Manila
Cha'da Studios is one of Negros Oriental's promising wedding photographer. With office located in Dumaguete City, they provide excellent wedding photography services for every couple for their most special day, their wedding day.
Wedding Supplier: Cha'da Studios
Category: Wedding Photographer in Negros Oriental
Country Accents is one of Dumaguete City's best wedding florists and stylists . Currently, they are helping brides-to-be realize and reinvent their dream wedding.
Wedding Supplier: Country Accents
Category: Wedding Florist & Stylist in Negros Oriental
The Reflective Chemistry Team loves photographing unique and contemporary weddings locally and is also available to travel in and out of the Philippines. They can help every couple innovate their big day to something awesome and extraordinary.
Wedding Supplier: Drew & Czy of Reflective Chemistry Photography
Category: Wedding Photographer in Laguna
Sel Castillo specializes in creating a natural, radiant look - how most brides want to look and feel on their big day. She  works closely with all her clients to meet their needs and therefore ensure she will create a memorable look that everyone will love.
Wedding Supplier: Sel Castillo
Category: Bridal Hair and Makeup Services in Metro Manila
Bridal Hair and Makeup Services in Bulacan

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