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August 21, 2012

Jardin de Miramar: Prenuptial Tips and the Perfect Promo

As the rainy season comes to a close, outdoor pre-nuptial shoots are on the way. If you still don’t have a venue for your much awaited outdoor pre-nuptial shoot, check out Jardin de Miramar's Prenuptial Shoot Promo. Below are some tips, tricks and the reasons why Jardin de Miramar is the best choice for you: 

1. Ten Themes in One Location

You will only have a day with your photographer for a pre-nuptial shoot. Wasting time going from one place to another to get different looks is impractical, costly and time consuming. We suggest choosing a pre-nuptial venue that can incorporate different themes like Jardin de Miramar.

Jardin de Miramar offers ten different themed locations - seascape, tropical paradise, old wall city, barrio fiesta, palm grove, Noah's Ark. Did we mention that all of these are just in one venue? It is! No need for extra travel.

2.     Pre-Nuptial Shoot Fees

Ask your photographer for the necessary fees for pre-nuptial shoot venues. Gardens, streets and establishments charge fees that you have to be prepared for. The more venues you choose for different themes, the costlier it gets. Aside from the price, it will also be a hassle to coordinate with many different venues.

At Jardin de Miramar, all you need is to reserve one location and get up to ten different themes! If you book with them today until September 30, 2012, you get all these and more at a discounted rate of P3,500 plus additional 1 hour FREE!

3. Proximity vs Cost

Before choosing a venue, you have to weigh the pros and cons of having a pre-nuptial shoot out of town versus the cost. The farther it is the more expensive it can get. On the other hand, you don’t want to settle with limited pre-nuptial venues that are just around the corner.

Jardin de Miramar, located at Antipolo, Rizal, is just 1 - 1.5 hours from Manila and about 30-45 minutes from Quezon City. With up to 10 different themes for just P3,500, the distance and cost is just perfect for your requirements and your budget.

4.     Reliable Customer Service

The perfect combination for pre-nuptial venues is location, cost and customer service. You want your pre-nuptial shoot to be perfect and the venue staff can help you.

Jardin de Miramar has made a name for itself not just for its beautiful venue but also for its reliable staff. Trusted for its professionalism, Jardin de Miramar’s venue has appeared in various movies, TV production and commercials, including international television coverage through Associated Press and Reuters.

Book with Jardin de Miramar today and get:

Ten different themed locations - seascape, tropical paradise, old wall city, barrio fiesta, palm grove, noah's ark. All these and more at a discounted rate of P3,500 plus additional 1 hour FREE! The promo period is up to September 30; photoshoot period is from September 1 to March 31, 2013.

Should your wedding fall during the Christmas holidays, you may want to consider including the internationally recognized Casa Santa Museum in your photo shoot for a minimal fee. 
You can pose playing chessboard with a life size Santa, or just merely pose amongst the 3,005 Santas.

For more details about why Jardin is a perfect venue for your photo shoots, 
you may visit their website at or add them in facebook (type Jardin de Miramar).
Prenuptial photos at Jardin de Miramar: 



  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  2. Jardin de Miramar is one of the best garden wedding venue near Manila, this is a great venue with reasonable prices.


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