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April 19, 2012

10 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Nothing is more memorable and exciting than a wedding with a twist of uniqueness. You can incorporate never before seen materials or add-ons at your reception venue that your guests can enjoy. Here are some ideas that can help you create a fun and exciting wedding.

1. Personalized Welcome Drink. With personalized and specifically designed drinks welcoming your guests, your wedding would be one of a kind and would be enjoyed by your guests even at the start of the celebration. You can also try putting a note like "James and Jenny's Mix of Love" to make it more creative.
Candy Wedding Drinks by Swizzle Mobile Bar
2. Photo Booths. Having one can help you better remember everyone who attended your wedding. It can also serve as a wedding souvenir to your guests with your names and wedding date in it.
Wedding Photobooth by Pic Me Photobooth
3. Heavy Pica Pica/ Antipasto Buffet. Having a pica pica or Antipasto Buffet can help you out with the obligation of serving a full five course meal. You will have more options like having a full cheese and salami platter on one end and laying out a Sushi and sashimi selection on the other.
Antipasto Sampler by Don Pedro Catering Services
4. Juice/Mobile Bars. Why not serve fruit juices or wines of different flavors instead of the typical soda and iced tea? It is a better way to refreshen your guests after a very long wedding ceremony.
Mobile Cocktail Bar by Planet Shakers Mobile Cocktail Bar
5. Cupcake Tower. Having a cupcake tower rather than a wedding cake is more trendy, fun, and handy. It can also help you save a lot of money since it can be given out as souvenirs at the end of the wedding.
Wedding Cupcake Tower by Top Cakes
6. Dessert Buffet. Everyone has a sweet tooth thus, everyone will love a dessert buffet at weddings. Give them a good selection of desserts on which your guests can select from.
Dessert Buffet for Weddings at Paradiso Terrestre 
7. Wedding Games. There are fun alternatives to tossing the bouquet and garter. For example, you can untie your bouquet of roses and attach to each stem a note of "You will be next" and throw them to your guests. Whoever catches the rose with the note will be the lucky one.
Wedding Bouquet by Villa Rosa Creations
8. Bouquet Giving. You can take this chance to honor someone from your guests. Instead of throwing the bouquet, just hand it down to your mom or your new mother-in-law.
Wedding Bouquet by Go For Flowers & Event Styling
9. Edible Wedding Souvenirs. Edible souvenirs are not so new but still fun and enjoyable for your guests. This is best especially for a destination wedding wherein your guests won't have to worry on packing your wedding souvenir because they can just eat it (don't forget to put a Thank You note which they can keep as remembrance). Chocolates, cupcakes and other yummy goodies are examples.

Wedding Cupcakes by Cherry Blossoms Cakes
10. Donation Souvenirs. Including your favorite charity to your wedding certainly puts a deeper meaning to your special occasion. It is one good way of using your wedding for a good cause and allows your wedding guests to participate as well.

Recommended Wedding Reception Venues:
The Enterprise Center
Golden Bay Restaurant
City Garden Hotel
Velada Estate
Jardin De Miramar
Sweet Harmony Garden
Max's Restaurant
Plaza Ibarra

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Posted by: Chen Callejo
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