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January 5, 2011

Lito Genilo's World Tour 2011

2010 has been a good year for Lito Genilo and Smart Shot Studio -shooting the most amazing wedding photos while traveling different parts of the World. And 2011 is going to be another year full of travel for this international award-winning wedding photographer!

If you are interested in engaging his services for either engagement session photo shoot, wedding photography or bridal portraiture in any of these locations and dates, please contact him through or

February 20-27, 2011Las Vegas, USA

March 20 - April 30, 2011France

May 3-28, 2011Canada

May 29-31, 2011Los Angeles, USA

May 31-June 6, 2011Mexico

July 18-27, 2011Vietnam

August 18-20, 2011San Francisco, USA

August 24-29, 2011Florida, USA

August 29-31, 2011Canada

September 1-7, 2011Alaska

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