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June 27, 2011

Merlene Marcelo: A Fashion Designer and An Achiever

A bride's dream is a wonderful wedding with everything just as perfect as she expects it to be and of course her wedding gown should be the best. There are many wedding gown designers who are on the row of fulfilling every bride's dream but only few thrives to be above the cut.

Ms. Merlene Marcelo, a wedding gown designer of 20 years, has been gaining crowns for her works. The world has recognized the beauty of her wedding designs as she recently received a certificate of award at the 19th Annual Asia-Pacific Excellence and 2011 Asia Pacific Excellence Award. Ms. Marcelo was awarded as Asia's Best Filipino Wedding Designer at the event held last March 22, 2011at the Gateway Mandarin Suites in Quezon City.

Ms. Marcelo's certificate of award during the 2011 Asia-Pacific Award

Ms. Marcelo was also awarded in 2009 as the Year's Most Outstanding Filipino Achiever for Couture and Entrepreneurship from the 28th Annual Dangal ng Bayan Awards and 2009 Who's Who in the Philippines Awards. The event was held on the 30th of December on that year at the Gateway Mandarin Suites. 

Ms. Marcelo's Certificate of Award during the 2009 Dangal ng Bayan Award

A talent indeed which Ms. Marcelo decided to pursue here in the Philippines. Her full passion towards her work contributed to the success which she is engaging now. Her main product recipe? Right Quality, right Beauty and right Price.

Ms. Marcelo was also recently featured in Homepage Net 25. Want to watch the video? click here.

Want to learn more about Ms. Merlene's Couture? Click here.

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