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September 8, 2011

Wedding Photography Through a Couple's Eyes

If there is someone who understands a soon-to-wed couple, it's another soon-to-wed or married couple. They are either going through or have undergone the same process of finding wedding suppliers and may have similiar wedding-related questions or concerns. And this is one major advantage of Manila wedding photographer, CD Worx Multimedia Center.

Wedding Photo by CD Worx Multimedia Center
Wedding Photo by
CD Worx Multimedia Cente

CD Worx Multimedia was established in 2002 by husband and wife tandem Bernard and Iris Medina. They started off as freelancers who continuously honed their craft in wedding photography until they created a style that is unique to them.

Being husband and wife, Bernard and Iris understand what other couples want from their wedding photo-video. As such, their trained photographers and videographers know also what and how to capture the most important wedding moments.

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