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April 23, 2012

How to Keep Your Guests Grooving on your Wedding Day

Weddings should not keep your guests from enjoying and grooving especially when they are at the reception. What makes a wedding alive are the people who don't just sit around but will go dancing with your wedding music. Your choice of music can greatly affect the atmosphere of your wedding so you should choose wisely your wedding songs. Here are some tips for a great wedding atmosphere.

Play a variety of genres of music. What appeals to your friends might not appeal to your current office mates. Mix things up and play some of each genre so the people who would go for ballroom dancing will have time to rest when hippy and techno music plays.

Be aware of your audience preference. You will not invite some stranger in your wedding so it is a lot easier to know their music preference. You might want to consider their ages too and the popular songs during their time. You can also make the initiative of asking your audience their favorite songs.

Get a well rounded wedding band, singer or choir.  It is better if you can find a well rounded band,singer or choir to play and sing during your wedding. Whenever your guests like to request a song, they can readily play it and your guests can easily groove into the dance floor.

Get the dancing start a little early. Modern brides and grooms prefer livelier wedding that as soon as they arrived, people were already grooving on the floor. This is to encourage hesitant guests to get use to the dancing. If nobody is dancing yet, you can ask your party goer friends to start the dancing or you can tell the bridal party that their job is to dance away bad luck.

Play the good wedding music. Play songs that are good and nice to hear. Songs that can impose good vibes in the atmosphere. If you have your own sounds production team, you can provide a list of all the songs they should play and the don'ts of course. 

Here is a list of songs that are good for wedding music.

Lady Antebellum- "Just a kiss"
Nina- "Love moves in mysterious way"
Ogie Alcasid- "Ikaw"
MYMP- "Every little thing he does is magic"
Beyonce Knowles- "At last"
Jason Mraz- "I'm yours"
Jack Johnson- "Angel"
Jennifer Hudson- "Giving myself"
Colbie Callait- "I do"
Smokey Robinson- "You're the one for me"
Train- "Hey soul sister"
Chris Brown- "Next to you"
Charlie Wilson- "You are"
Michael Buble- "The way you look tonight"

Featured Wedding Entertainers;

The Angelos
Beatitudes String Ensemble
Soulful Mood Strings

Leggiero Strings & Chamber Orchestra


Chorus Paulinus
Enrico Braza Entertainment Center
Vivace Music Consultancy
The Sentimental Groove

Posted by: Chen Callejo


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