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April 27, 2012

9 Things A Bridesmaid Must Remember

Bridesmaid's role actually begins in choosing the perfect outfit for the wedding and it doesn't end there. Being the sidekick of the bride, a bridesmaid should  know what to do in order to help the latter in having the best wedding preparations. Therefore, one should know what things she must do and what must she doesn't to keep the smooth flow of the wedding plans. Here are some tips:

Be a helpful assistant. Share your opinion with the bride and assist her in choosing dresses and materials for the entourage. It will help a lot in narrowing down the choices. You can as well help in scheduling necessary activities for the soon-to-be bride.
The Bridesmaids
Gowns by Fatima Beltran Couture
Don't be the decision maker. The bride's opinion should always be the top consideration. It's her day so what she thinks is more appropriate for her wedding should be assumed the best as well. She will ask your opinion on things she can't decide on anyway but keep in mind that unsolicited advice might blur the preparations more.
The bride and her entourage
Gowns by Covers Fashion Studio
Be a channel of information. Some details of the wedding might be changed due to circumstances and sometimes, the bride missed to disseminate some details. It will be your job to assure that all guests will be updated on these changes.
The bride and her bridesmaids
Gowns by Esy Creations
Don't be a burden. Accomplish the things you promised the bride. The wedding is very important to the her so don't promise things you know you can't deliver. This will just add unnecessary stress and it may even cause a greater problem in the future.
The bride and her bridesmaids
 Gowns by Exclusively His & Her Couture by Bong de Ocampo

Be the guests' seat guide. To execute this smoothly, you might want to consider having a cheat sheet of guests' assigned seats. Make sure it is updated and clear. Take charge in welcoming the guests especially if the wedding is done in an out-of-town venue.
The bride and her bridesmaids
Gowns by The Dream Maker Couture
Don't overshadow the bride. Don't cause anything that will steal the spotlight from the bride. You are required to be beautiful on her wedding day but consider not wearing something that is more intricate or elegant than the bride's. Remember that the wedding day is the bride's day. Give her her moment.
The groom being caught in the middle :)
Gowns by Kimi Go One Stop Wedding Shop
Be the invitation distributor. This is easier if you and the bride have lots of common friends. You can help her out in distributing the invitations especially if the guests are just within your vicinity. You can even extend your help in providing an organized list of guests with their contact details and addresses.
The bridesmaids and a guest
Gowns by Drezzee by Cherrie G. Cariaga
Don't back out. The worst that you can do to a bride is to back out few days before or on the day of the wedding. If the reason for your backing out is not important, please don't but if it's inevitable, at least look for someone who can replace you.
The bride and her bridesmaids
Gowns by Wedding Closet
Create a surprise for the bride. A bridal shower is usually done before a woman tie the knot. It is done with females(only) enjoying some moment together. This is the most exciting activity before the wedding since you can plan out something unique to surprise the bride. Being the bridesmaid, you must plan carefully with all the other bridesmaids the activities you will do and make sure all of these can amaze the bride.
The bridesmaids
Gowns by J. Magallanes Design Studio

Posted by Gretchen Callejo

Source: Metro Weddings Vol. 10 No. 2

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