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July 5, 2012

Exciting Technology for your Wedding

In today's digital world, even weddings can go high-tech with state-of-the-art light and sound and special effects to make the event extra special. 

Wedding Photo Frame Viewer

Instead of using a static and informal looking banner to welcome your wedding guests, why
not consider a Photo Frame Viewer? You can load all your prenuptial photos, put facts/trivia, and animate their presentation to easily entertain your wedding guests.

LED Wall

Another option to the usual projector screen, there is the LED Wall where you can show your prenuptial, onsite videos and other presentations in sharper, brighter quality.

Video Mixer

A good complement to the LED Wall is the Video Mixer,  a device used to select from different video sources (e.g. presentation from your laptop, onsite coverage straight from videographer's camera) and create special effects.


Fast becoming the most popular souvenir choice among couples, Photobooth allows wedding guests to have their own personalized memento of the event. Aside from producing customized wedding favors, picture-taking at the Photobooth provides a fun activity for your wedding guests.

Sound System

And then there are the modern sound systems which can enrich the audio quality of your various wedding entertainments.

Want any of these for your wedding?

Metrotech Enterprises
has all of these and more. Their punctuality, reliability and
friendliness have earned them many praises and good recommendations from couples.

They even go the extra mile of helping you conceptualize, budget, and design the best ambiance for your wedding. 

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