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July 23, 2012

Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses: The Fatima Beltran Touch

The best moment of the wedding is when the bride enters the wedding ceremony. Everyone adores her beauty. And at a distance, the teary-eyed husband is thankful that this is the woman he will marry. At this moment, the bride and her wedding gown is the masterpiece that makes the wedding come alive.
A happy bride wearing a Fatima Beltran Wedding Gown (left)
and Wedding gown sketch by Fatima Beltran (right)

This is the reason why the wedding gown is a bride’s top priority in wedding planning. Most of the time, brides are advised to order their gown at least six months before the wedding. Months before that, brides and their bridesmaids are already browsing through magazines, websites and gown shops for styles that suit their tastes.

If you want the best, you have to find creative bridal gown designers whose tastes and talent can create masterpieces from your vision of a dream wedding. And lucky for those living in the South of Manila, the perfect fashion designer is just around the block.

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