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August 6, 2012

Rainy Season Weddings: Tips and Tricks

In the Philippines, the rainy season falls on the months of June to August. If you set your wedding date on any of these months, expect that there's a higher possibility of rain on your wedding day. Your wedding date may hold a special place in your heart so changing the date may be non-negotiable. If this is the case, then here are some tips for preparing for a Rainy Season Wedding. 

1. Wedding Location
Pick a location that is easy to get to and not easily flooded. Research for flood-prone areas and avoid them. 

2. Paved Floors
Make sure that the parking area and the pathway of your wedding venue is paved, not grass or dirt. Walking on soft soil may not be suitable for guests wearing heels.

Paved Pathwalk - Photo from 
3. Umbrellas
Don't forget to take care of your guests! Prepare enough umbrellas and seek the help of ushers/usherettes to help your guests stay dry. 

4. Tents
If you're planning for an outdoor wedding, make sure you have big tents prepared. These may be part of your original set-up or as a back-up plan in case of rainfall. Make sure that it's big enough to cover the food, the stage, the dance floor and your guests' tables. 

Uniform Wedding Umbrellas - Photo from
5. Prepare Guests
Keep track of the changes in the weather. If there's a big possibility of rain on your outdoor wedding, inform your guests beforehand. This will help them prepare and choose appropriate clothes and shoes, in tune with the rainy season. 

6. Challenge your Bridesmaids
To keep your bridal gown trail dry and dirt free, enlist the help of your giddy bridesmaids. Make it a challenge for them to keep the bridal gown perfect. Commend their efforts at the wedding reception to show your appreciation. 

Bridesmaids in Boots - Photo from
7. Rainy Romance
 Make the most of the rain by asking your photographer to capture awesome romantic rain shots. How else can you have these pictures on your wedding day? 
Rainy Wedding Kiss - Photo from
It's okay to celebrate your wedding during the rainy season for as long as you can keep your guests safe and dry throughout the ceremony and reception. It's always better to plan ahead and think out of the box. For your Philippine wedding supplier needs, visit the Supplier Directory. 

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  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  2. Planning for your big day takes a huge amount of preparation. One of the first items you need to consider is the month when you’ll tie the knot. Will you be a June or December bride? Will it be an indoor or outdoor event? How do you know which season is the most apt for you?

    If you’re one of the brides who love to listen to the rain as it softly hits the roof or likes the feel of the cool air as it creates comfort and calming effect, holding the celebration during the rainy parts of the year, i.e. June to November, might be the perfect time for you. Here are five tips to a successful wedding during the wet seasons.

  3. I think it's also a good idea to hire a makeup artist from Rea Pinpin makeup stylist, pretty much one that can adjust no matter what the weather is.

    Aside that, the aforementioned tips are fine as it is.

  4. For rainy outdoor weddings it's also an important tip to note that you should only wear light makeup and waterproof eyeliner and matte lipstick. Worked well for my clients.

    And speaking of light, nope it's not foundation. Just loose powder


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