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April 28, 2011

Nice Print's "Thank You" Promo Winners

Funny wedding photo of Ronnie & Madel

Congratulations to RONNIE & MADEL SERRANO for winning in Nice Print Photography's "Thank You" Photo Contest 2011. The couple, who got married in January 8, 2011, won a Diamond Hotel overnight accommodation for two with breakfast package. They garnered a whooping total of 936 votes for their wedding photo!

The following are the 5 winners of Calayan gift certificates: 
1. De Leon - Calitizen wedding (735 votes)
2. Ngo - Wong wedding (474 votes)
3. Mike Lav Tuyor (431 votes)
4. Angel Jas Lascano (284 votes)
5. Maykhel Phenie (194 votes)
The following are the winners of leather album:
- Garcia - Cecilia wedding (154 votes)
- King Cheryl (106 votes)

- Renante - Claraminda (72 votes)
- Sheila Molina Reyes (70 votes)
The photo contest is Nice Print Photography's way of thanking and giving back to its clients.
More power to Nice Print Photography

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