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May 15, 2012

Beyond the Traditional White Bridal Gown

Pale brown wedding gown
by Edward Teng Couture
Before white became the traditional color of the wedding gown, different colors were worn by brides all over the world. White became popular after Queen Victoria upon marrying Prince Albert in 1840 wore a white gown for their wedding. However, many traditional wedding attires are still used nowadays for certain reasons. The Chinese, Indians and Vietnamese wear red colored wedding gowns to attract happiness and good luck.  The Koreans wear multicolored wedding gowns that represent many things like heaven, earth and mankind. In the Philippines, Baro't saya for women and Barong Tagalog for men were considered traditional wedding attires in  Central Luzon and still, many wear these attires on their wedding due to their elegance and uniqueness.

If you have decided to veer away from the conventional color white wedding dress and would like to look vibrant in different color(s) on your wedding day, here are some points to consider:

Determine your skin tone. There are color types that will complement your skin color. Make sure you choose the color that is suitable to it and will further enhance your complexion. Wearing something good on you will make you more beautiful on your wedding day.
Light orange wedding gown
by John John Ditching Fashion

Stick to your wedding theme and color story. Don't detach yourself from your chosen wedding theme but instead, wear a color that goes with it. This doesn't mean though that you should have a wedding gown which has a color same as the reception table clothing or with your bridesmaids. Choose a hue of your theme color that is distinct from the rest or say something that will make you more vibrant than the rest. For example, if you choose fuschia as the color of your wedding gown, why not make your bridesmaids wear light pink.
Black gown with a touch of gold laces
by Noelle West Bridals
Consider the summer and location of your wedding.  If you are to marry on a summer and on a beach venue, consider wearing something light (in color) like yellow, lilac, light pink etc. During holiday seasons like Christmas, you might want to consider wearing bold colors.
Red, white and purple gowns
by Alexis Gowns & Photography
Make sure your wedding gown projects an aura you want. Say, red projects boldness, black conveys an air of elegance and sophistication, pink projects romantic mood, blue projects peace and tranquility, yellow projects cheery mood while green conveys optimism and harmony.
A white gown with black accessories
by Traje de Boda (by Shirley Arambulo-Lustado)
Be confident to wear the color you want. Make sure that you really like the color you have chosen. As they say, the secret to a beautifully worn dress is on how one carries it. Wear any color that your heart desires and be proud of it or rather love it as if it is the main reason you are the most beautiful on your wedding day.
Pink gown
by Susie Bonaobra

When you have chosen your gown's color, you can now choose your wedding accessories and bridal bouquet. Don't choose colors that will create a great contrast on your gown if you don't want them to become eye sores. For example, bright blue and orange don't go along. But be careful also that it won't be too monotonous and boring. A mixture of red-orange, lime and yellow flowers for an orange gown or soft pink pearls match to a pale pink dress will make a quite interesting picture.

If you want to see more colors on your wedding day, don't hesitate to add more. Just make sure you'll love the colors.

Posted by Chen Callejo

Source: Wedding Insights Philippines Third Issue


  1. All these designs and colors are all very very nice. But I still prefer the all white wedding gown. ^_^

  2. I like the pale brown wedding gown. I'm fascinated with black for a wedding motif and I think a white wedding gown is much better for a black wedding :)


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