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May 22, 2012

Tips in Making the Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party Fun-filled

Are you a close friend of a soon-to-be groom/bride and you want to plan a fab party for them before they march down the aisle?  Below are some helpful tips in organizing the bachelor/bachelorette party. If your time doesn't allow you to plan one, seek help from professional wedding planners and rest assured that the party will be handled well.

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1. Know about the groom/bride's personality. In planning the party, it is suggested that you include the groom/ bride' s personality. It will be then easier to think of a theme and decorations for the party.

2. Get acquainted with the groom/bride's friends. If you still don't know the right people to invite for the party, you can ask the groom/bride's parents. Get their contact details (mobile number, land line, email address etc.) so that it will be easier to contact and update them about the plans. Seek also their suggestions. You can mix their suggestions for a more fun and exciting party.

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3. Make the date, time and venue flexible. Make sure everyone can attend especially the bride and the groom.  Make sure also that the venue you select will be agreeable to everyone. You can hold it in a restaurant, hotel or one of the friends/relatives' place.

4. Set a budget. Everything you avail for the party should be within a budget. Before you decide where to do for the party and what activities will be done, inform the guests about the budget.

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5. Create exciting and fun-filled games. The games should not be out of the picture. They should be exciting, fun and can be played by everyone. Ask everyone's suggestions and maybe you can come up with an interesting mixture of them.

6. Come up with appealing prizes for the games. This will add more enthusiasm from the guests.

7. Make it a unique party. Make it so that the guests especially the bride/groom will not forget it and remember the party you created with a happy feeling. Include something that the soon-to-be groom/bride is not expecting or hasn't experienced yet.

Remember that it is supposedly the groom/ bride's last bachelor/ bachelorette party so why not make it unforgettable?

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Posted by Chen Callejo

Source: Wedding Flavours Volume 3 No.1

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