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May 5, 2012

Henry Pascual: A Decade of Wedding Glam

Henry Pascual celebrated his tenth year in the wedding industry last April 23, 2012 in Dusit Thani, Manila. This nationally-renowned event stylist has been the artist behind many weddings and event masterpieces. Exhibiting never-before seen wedding set collections, Sir Henry humbly recollected how he started out in his career and bloomed in full glam.

His Stepping Stones

The master, Henry Pascual
"As an event stylist, you
have to think
of a total production"
The brilliant stylist shared that as a kid, he made fun of his parents’ wedding photos. He described the wedding set-ups before as very stereotypical and generic. Even at such a young age, he already had an idea that  somehow, he wanted to improve the way weddings are being celebrated. But he does not want to be tagged as a florist.

“Before, kapag ikaw ang nag-aasikaso ng wedding set-up and decorations, florist ka na agad.”
Sir Henry recounted that brides normally dominate the prevailing wedding themes, but he wanted to add to that femininity an elegant look.

Sir Henry graduated with a degree in Advertising, major in Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas. His classmates mentioned that even before, they have already figured out that he will create a prolific name in the country as he consistently marked his works with excellence and originality. Later on, he became the visual artist consultant and director of the clothing retail shop, Cinderella. It took him a while before he realized that he should start channeling his passion towards the Philippine wedding industry.

Becoming the Philippine Wedding Trend Setter

But things did not start out well. “At first, I have had difficulty marketing my job. Hindi nila alam kung ano ang ‘event stylist’. One time when I introduced myself as an event stylist, someone answered “So you do hair and makeup?” And I jokingly answered ‘pati foot spa’”, he recalled. Those were the times when Henry Pascual had to shell out a lot of resources and think of ways to create his position in the wedding industry.”As an event stylist, you have to think of a total production,” he added.
Some of Henry Pascual's wedding works
See Henry Pascual photo gallery...
After some time, however, everybody from the status quo followed the trail that Sir Henry has been doing. The term ‘event styling’ became an officially known wedding career but the challenge does not stop there. “Event styling involves refined details, right execution, and timeless themes. I always see to it that my work is non-standard, kailangan laging may bago; you should always have a strategy and strong presence,” he said.

What is the source of Henry Pascual’s hallmark inspirations and ideas? A self-confessed daydreamer, Sir Henry loves watching visual fantasy films such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. Being very detail-oriented, he enjoys creating look books and storyboards where he places a collage of different beautiful objects. “I got it from my training in Retail Store, whenever we think of launching new collection designs. I often double-check my works and even ask my artistic friends for constructive criticisms,” he admitted.

Having already achieved a lot of milestones in life, Henry Pascual still has a lot of dreams in mind. For those who also aspire to be an event stylist, he remarked, “Never stop dreaming. Dapat laging may challenge. Once you become contented, you’ll stop growing.” Sir Henry will be coming up with loads of surprises for all wedding enthusiasts in the coming years. So watch out for another decade of wedding glamour from Henry Pascual!

Here is a video by Jason Magbanua of Henry Pascual's new and never before seen wedding collections:

Learn more about Henry Pascual...

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